YELP seeks to equip youth with the civic engagement and entrepreneurial skills needed for them to participate as change agents in their community.

There are many youth programs available. Here's what youth will experience in YELP:


Communal Identity

YELP curriculum involves activities that allows youth to see their community in new ways. One activity is a youth led downtown walking tour, where participants lead visitors around their community. Visitors usually have a different perspective than locals, and always notice something interesting many take for granted.


A Seat at the Table

Youth voices - while often overlooked - are incredibly insightful. Through their participation in programming, youth demonstrate to their community the importance of youth engagement in the community's development efforts.


Essential Skills

One of the many impacts from YELP participation is the opportunity to develop skills in youth leadership, communication, time management, problem solving, and other essential life skills.


The importance of YELP lies in its adaptability. It can be used with a variety of age groups and allows the facilitator to come together to assess community issues and find what the youth are most passionate about.

Interested in starting a Youth Engagement Leadership Program in your community? Contact Mercedes Fraser, YELP Coordinator at (859) 218-4389.

"If only adults knew what we were capable of, they'd see we have a lot to offer." - YELP Participant