Leadership Development Resources

Youth Engagement Leadership Program (YELP)

The goals of the program are to: 1) inform youth about community issues and processes; 2) empower youth to use their voice to help make community decisions; and 3) provide essential skill development in a non-formal education environment. YELP is a highly adaptable program that can work with a variety of ages and allows the facilitator to assess community issues and find what the youth are most passionate about. Learn more.


Community Leadership Development Resources

Publications that facilitate leadership skill development among community members. Publication topics include facilitating focus groups to identify community assets; mapping local stakeholder and resource networks; how to use a policy, systems, and environment approach to engage community members and identify assets and barriers to community health; and guidance on convening a public forum. Learn more.


Downtown Team Series

The Downtown Team Series is a set of resources designed to support individuals or communities working to create a team to support community development challenges. This series is based on the work and experience of CEDIK coordinating downtown revitalization technical assistance in the Kentucky Promise Zone. While this series is focused on downtown revitalization these resources can be adapted to address a number of challenges that require strategic team building. Learn more.


Leading Healthy Community Connections

A community capacity building curriculum designed for newly convened groups interested in sparking community change by expanding the group's awareness of local policies, systems, and environmental conditions that impact health. Learn more.


Kentucky Extension Leadership Development (KELD) Publications

Dr. Kristina Hains with the Department of Community and Leadership Development has coordinated the development of three publication series on personal, organizational, and community leadership skill development. Learn more.