Educational Materials

What type of project is your community interested in that will improve your built environment?

The UK Extension publications and webinars in landscape architecture provide an introduction to a number of community design project types that your community may be seeking to enhance your community’s built environment. Topics, examples, and processes that are addressed include Placemaking, Trails, Streetscapes, Walkability and Connectivity, and Wayfinding. Learn more.


Community Tools to Support Planning

Is your community interested in collecting thoughts/feedback about your community’s spatial planning or design needs/visions from residents and/or visitors? The activities shared here can be utilized by communities to collect ideas, thoughts, or visions for your community design projects. Learn more.

Does your community have a basemap for planning purposes? You can create one in Inkscape, and we provide a walk-though to help you get started.

Our Radical Walking Toolkit is a great way for members of your community to more closely examine their surroundings, and creatively gather ideas for future projects. This toolkit has been developed to accommodate both youth and adults.

Are you interested in collecting resident and visitor thoughts/feedback about your community? Chalk and Talk will help your community take a preliminary step towards longer term design, planning, and revitalization initiatives.


Design Assistance

Does your community have a project that needs facilitation and visualization? Learn more.