Programs and Resources

Kentucky Arts Extension

The Kentucky Arts Extension program is the largest in the nation, the first of its kind, and the only program in the country that has grass-roots level, county based arts extension agents to conduct community development through the arts. Arts Extension provides high quality arts engagement on the county, regional, and state level through its team of 8 arts professionals across Kentucky. By working closely with state and local leadership as well as citizens within a community, Arts Extension serves diverse needs of Kentucky residents and is quick to adapt to the interests of local populations. Learn more.


Arts Engagement Resources

Are you interested in providing arts opportunities at your local farmers market, summer feeding program, or other activity? We provide outlines for activities with simple materials (many of them found materials) to create a nature mandala, a yarn loom activity, and chalk spray paint artwork.  All activities incorporate a visual arts experience, and most have options to extend the learning by providing food and nutrition education. Learn more.