A housing study is an important tool for communities creating or modifying comprehensive plans or considering the housing needs of both the existing population as well as new families, retirees, etc. The results predict future housing demand, resident preferences for housing size, price, and location as well as additional neighborhood and community-level investments that would support both new housing developments as well as existing neighborhoods.

CEDIK will work with the community to implement a housing survey and provide a report with economic and housing indicators and detailed survey results. CEDIK will also facilitate preliminary and final presentations of the study findings.

The survey instrument provides information on current housing characteristics, the respondents’ intention to move in the coming years, their preference for housing, location, and amenities, as well as some of the barriers for not living in the area.

The survey is addressed to area residents and people commuting to work in the area (i.e., people that live outside of area, but work in the area) and it can be customized to meet the community’s needs.

Services and fees vary.

Contact Research Director Simona Balazs at (859) 218-5764 to get started.