Creating a portfolio of economic development tools enables a community or region to strengthen its relative position and endure shocks to the economy. CEDIK strategies for economic development include expanding existing businesses, developing regional clusters, targeting industrial attraction, developing the workforce, promoting entrepreneurship, and stimulating the creative class. Creating a portfolio of economic development tools will enable a community or region to strengthen its relative position and economic sustainability.

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The Community Design program is coordinated in partnership with the Department of Landscape Architecture. The current program works with communities on a range of projects addressing spatial planning and design needs with an emphasis on public spaces. The Community Design program also offers community design training opportunities for Extension professionals, community leaders, and volunteers. Through several program resources, communities can begin to involve their stakeholders in organizing a range of public space planning and design endeavors, urban to rural, built to natural and publicly shared spaces in between. There are three broad types of resources and services available: community planning and design activities to build capacity and develop visions, collaborations on planning and design projects involving student designers, and a variety of educational materials.

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The health of communities has been transformed by several factors in recent years. As hospitals close across the state, residents are finding themselves with limited access to basic services. Communities without easy access to quality healthcare find themselves at a disadvantage for attracting high paying jobs. The healthcare industry continues to implement strategies (i.e. telehealth) to bring healthcare to communities with limited access, and it is vital for local hospitals to keep current on the needs of their residents. Residents also need access to healthy food. Local farmers can benefit from a more local economic exchange in selling to local consumers. Importantly, local food systems have the potential to be an economic driver in communities.

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When individuals can organize a group, find a common vision, build trust and shared working relationships, and facilitate action for change – they are practicing leadership. Whether you are in business, education, healthcare or public service, the skills for mobilizing change are essential. Community leadership programming through CEDIK provides skill development and guidance for groups, organizations and community coalitions who want to improve their leadership capacity.

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Kentucky Arts Extension provides high quality arts engagement on the county, regional, and state level through its team of 8 arts professionals. By working closely with state and local leadership as well as citizens within a community, Arts Extension serves diverse needs of Kentucky residents and is quick to adapt to the interests of local populations.

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