County Budget Data Profiles provide an overview of the financial activity of local government. Alongside the budget data, we present weather data from FEMA and NOAA to illustrate the reality of public investment in addressing public disaster damage. These data profiles are part of a larger project to better understand county financial resiliency in the case of weather disasters in Kentucky.

Use the drop down list at the top right of the profile to display data for any Kentucky county. To change the data on the state map, there is a second drop down list, titled Map Indicator.

To download a printable PDF or an image of the County data, use the Download option at the bottom of the profile.

For definitions of the data represented in this profile, you can view/print this file.

For additional information on NOAA, FEMA, and county budgets, you can view/print this file.

Profiles were revised in November 2019 to reflect user feedback.


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