Supporting the Arts in Economic Recovery

Arts Extension Specialist Stephanie Richards offers five clear approaches to advance the creative economy during the re-opening of the arts sector.


Increasing Youth Access to Quality Arts Experiences

Arts Extension Specialist Stephanie Richards provides practical ways to increase youth access to quality arts experiences, and explains how our communities and local economies benefit from supporting robust arts opportunities.


Story Circles: A powerful engagement technique

Dr. Nicole Breazeale with the Department of Community and Leaderhip Development provides three examples of story circles, and then dives into step-by-step instructions to lead you through the process. She includes a list of tips and tricks for story prompt construction and facilitating virtual story circles. Dr. Breazeale also outlines where story circles might be useful for those working in Cooperative Extension.


Attending the Performing Arts: Audience etiquette

Arts Extension Specialist Stephanie Richards provides a primer on the 10 things that we all can do to be responsible and respectful patrons at a live, public performing arts event.