An unexpected disaster can shake a community’s foundation and test the resilience and resolve of its residents and institutions. Community arts organizations, cultural centers and artrepreneurs may find themselves particularly impacted by weather-related, health or economic disasters. The Community Arts Disaster Recovery Series compiles targeted information and resources for the creative industries as they prepare for the unexpected, navigate the storms of disaster and wade through the aftermath of the recovery process.



Disaster never strikes at a convenient time. If your organization hasn’t been directly affected by a recent crisis, you may be inclined to continue with the status-quo, which often means reacting to issues only as they arise. However, NOW is the time to be pro-active and make a plan for disaster-readiness so that when tragedy does strike, you are better prepared and your losses can be minimized.



As communities recover from natural disasters, arts and cultural organizations face a unique set of challenges. These organizations often house the history, heart and soul of our communities, but can have difficulty accessing the types of support or immediate financial assistance provided to community infrastructure such as electricity, water, and housing. There are several resources available to guide artists and organizations through damage assessment, claims and relief aid as they navigate rebuilding within their communities.



During trying times, when local health services may be strained or overwhelmed due to emergent physical needs in communities, art can be an integral part of disaster recovery efforts. Art can be a pathway for recognizing common stress responses to trauma and can provide some beneficial ways to cope with it.