University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

We embody the land-grant philosophy of integrating research, instruction, and extension in our service to communities and organizations.

If you are an Extension agent, a State or local agency, a locally elected official, or a grass roots organization, we are here to help.  Contact us!

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County Data Profiles - NEW!
CEDIK has just released small business data profiles for Kentucky. Access all 120
county profiles here.


Interactive Map of Kentucky Community and Economic Development Organizations Interactive Map of Kentucky Farmers Markets, CSAs and Roadside Stands

Leadership Development Program Materials
The Kentucky Extension Leadership Development (KELD) Program has released program materials on ten important leadership development topics.  These self-guided materials are ideal for use in several organizational and community settings. 


Economic Impact of the Local Healthcare System County Reports
CEDIK has released County Reports for all 120 Kentucky Counties. 


Community Health Needs Assessments
In response to the 2010 Affordable Care Act, CEDIK (in conjunction with the State Office of Rural Health and the Kentucky Hospital Association) is offering Community Health Needs Assessment services at a reasonable rate.