First Impressions: Bringing Back Brandenburg

What we offer

Customized Reports and Technical Assistance

CEDIK offers a suite of services geared to providing community and industry stakeholders research-based information. We offer customized studies, reports, and technical assistance on the following: Economic Impact Studies; Cost of Community Services Studies; Retail Sector Analyses; Industry Leakage Analyses; and Wage and Benefits Surveys.


Business Retention and Expansion Program

This is a community-based program that engages communities to examine the local business situation, interpret the information collected, and purposefully plan to strengthen the ability of the community to understand local business needs and to positively respond.


First Impressions Program

This is an opportunity for your community to learn about its strengths and shortcomings through the eyes of first-time visitors. First Impressions is a structured community assessment program that offers a fresh perspective on the appearance, services and infrastructure of your community.