The Kentucky Association for Economic Development (KAED) and CEDIK at the University of Kentucky have collaborated to launch the Kentucky Economic Recovery and Resilience Project to accelerate the Commonwealth’s recovery from the COVID-19 global pandemic and to enhance Kentucky’s on-going economic resilience. A two phased approach, Phase 1 is now available.

Businesses Now Have Access to SizeUp Kentucky

SizeUp is an intelligence, market research, and competitive analysis tool tailored specifically to individual Kentucky businesses. These data are designed to boost the ability of all Kentucky enterprise to inform decision making and thrive in the Commonwealth. Free access to SizeUp is provided by the Kentucky Association for Economic Development. Access SizeUp Kentucky here.


Learn how to get the most out of SizeUp Kentucky.

Here is a video recording that introduces the SizeUp Kentucky website and its capabilities. Watch recording.


Data and Industry Profiles for Kentucky's Economic Developers through Gazelle.AI

The University of Kentucky now manages an artificial intelligence powered business growth platform, Gazelle.AI, with additional data support from FDI 365. Access to this platform is provided to Kentucky's Economic Developers without cost. Contact CEDIK Research Director Simona Balazs for more information.


Learn how to get the most out of Gazelle.AI

Here are several data examples to review that provide more insight into the data you can request: