Melissa Bond, CEDIK Extension Specialist, introduces the First Impressions Program and addresses many of the questions your community stakeholders may have in the video below.
The First Impressions (FI) Program will help your community learn about its strengths and shortcomings through the
 eyes of first-time visitors. FI is a structured community assessment program that enables communities to learn about the first impression they convey to outsiders. It offers a fresh perspective on the appearance, services and infrastructure of each community. Volunteer teams will undertake unannounced, one-day visits, record their observations, and give constructive feedback to the community. Their photos and responses are then compiled and presented back to the community by a CEDIK representative. In addition, the program will offer suggestions and resources to address the areas identified for potential improvement. The knowledge gained through this program is intended to serve as a basis for community action.

First Impressions was developed by Andy Lewis, University of Wisconsin Extension Associate Professor, and James Schneider, Grant County (WI) Economic Development Director. CEDIK has adapted the First Impressions Program to meet the need of Kentucky communities.

$2,500 for communities with population under 15,000.
$4,500 for communities with population between 15,000 to 50,000.
Contact us to discuss communities with populations larger than 50,000.

Questions? Contact Melissa Bond at (859) 218-4385.

Article from Somerset, KY's Commonwealth Journal that describes the First Impressions program.

First Impressions Brochure

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