Leadership Development as a Method of Community Development  This 10 minute video details how community-based leadership programs can be more intentional to assess community priorities and design their programs for community development outcomes. This presentation can be used to spark conversation or planning ideas for local leadership programs. CEDIK faculty Daniel Kahl gave this online presentation at the June 2021 World Community Development Conference.

Virtual Decision Making  Making group decisions can be awkward. The COVID-19 pandemic has made this increasingly challenging through virtual and digital interfaces. This virtual transition has caused us to rethink how we create meaningful interactions, especially group decision making. Building on previous CEDIK webinars that explored virtual engagement alternatives, Shane Barton and Dan Kahl explore methods of virtual decision making processes and share strategies and tools to help facilitate the generation of ideas and assist in making group decisions through online interactions. Webinar recording on June 28, 2021.

Building Better Practice: A discussion on what is working well in team coaching with implications for community development  The effectiveness of operating together as a team can often make the difference between the success and failure of a venture. Being a coach to coalitions and project teams can assist members to ask better questions, communicate more effectively, set clear goals, and design agreed upon actions. The resulting teams can act quickly and effectively—and remain focused on the larger impact. This webinar features a panel of International Coaching Federation (ICF) coaches and community practitioners as they discuss coaching as an emerging practice for teams working on local initiatives. Moderators Dan Kahl (CEDIK Associate Director) and Joel DiGirolamo (ICF Director of Coaching Science) facilitate the conversation. Webinar recording on March 26, 2021

Economic Development 101 Webinar  The focus of the webinar is on economic development basics: what economic development is (and isn’t), and why communities “do” economic development. This webinar is for you if you want to learn more about the different roles community leadership plays in economic development, and more information on the programs CEDIK offers to Kentucky communities to support economic development. Professor and CEDIK Executive Director Alison Davis presented this one hour Zoom webinar on March 11th, 2021 to an audience of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Agents.

Communities Make "First Impressions" Too! Webinar Just as fresh eyes on a project can give a valuable first impression and feedback for improvement, so can "First Impressions" from first time visitors to communities and counties. This CED webinar presented on February 11, 2021 to Kentucky Cooperative Extension personnel provides lessons learned and community successes from the over 30 First Impression reports completed in Kentucky by Melissa Bond, CEDIK Extension Specialist and Arts program leader. In addition, Mercedes Maness, CEDIK Extension Associate, shares the importance of encouraging local residents to leave online reviews for favorite local businesses and restaurants as well as tips for writing effective online reviews.     

How Can I Be of Service? Determining the Best Role (for Extension) for Community Engagement presented through the Southern Region Development Center, explores the ways agents can best engage with communities to expand their impact. (2018)

Developed as an interactive presentation to colleagues at the University of Kentucky Community and Leadership Development Department through the CLD Unexpected! Series, this recorded version of the presentation, What’s So Important About Participatory Community Development? explores the value of community engagement and captures some of the engaged work being done through the Department of Community and Leadership Development, the Community Innovation Lab, and CEDIK at the University of Kentucky. (March 2018)

In 2019, Dr. Kahl and Dr. Hustedde sat down to discuss the importance of Hosting Community Conversations: Creating Productive Public Conversations. This 60- minute conversation connects examples of community conversations with resources available to Extension agents.  A valuable watch for those wanting to ignite and host meaningful engagement in communities.

Facilitating Focus Groups is a recorded guide for Kentucky Cooperative Extension agents to support their efforts associated with the statewide community needs assessment of 2018. This recorded process narrative is a process guide for facilitating listening focus groups to assess community needs. While created in September of 2018 for the statewide community needs assessment, the process, content and guidance is helpful beyond this specific initiative.