CEDIK Research Staff (L-R): Jairus Rossi, Joe Kercsmar, Simona Balazs, and James Allen IV (not pictured: Su Troske)

Research has been a priority for the University of Kentucky (UK) since the establishment of its agricultural experiment stations in 1885—25 years before the UK’s College of Agriculture was formally established. Broadly, the purpose of UK research now, as then, is to expand and offer access to relevant knowledge. Therefore, CEDIK strives to provide and be a key source of research pertaining to community and economic development for individuals, organizations, and communities throughout Kentucky. If you have any question about our research priorities or capabilities, please contact CEDIK Research Associate Simona Balazs by email or (859) 218-5764.

CEDIK’s most accessible work is the County Data Profiles, which are two-page summaries made for each of Kentucky’s 120 counties that provide recent information on various topics, including the overall economy, healthcare, and the agriculture, retail, workforce, and small business sectors. Information in the profiles has been used by extension agents and other community leaders to design more effective programs and policies throughout the state.

CEDIK also maintains a Faculty and Staff Blog that is updated monthly. The research staff often shares writing on emerging issues of interest, and gives updates on current work. Our current research falls under three main areas: small business development, food systems, and rural health.