Empowered People. Thriving Communities.

Empowered People. Thriving Communities.

CEDIK’s work extends to all areas of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  The scope of CEDIK’s programming is vast.  From youth programs, to business development, to rural community health, CEDIK’s mission is to catalyze positive change to build engaged communities and vibrant economies.

The projects and programs listed here are the hard work of faculty and staff from: Agricultural Economics, Community and Leadership Development and Landscape Architecture Departments in the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

Click on the map to have a closer look at the innovative work CEDIK faculty and staff are collaborating on with communities.


  • At the top left corner of the map is a double arrow.  Click on that arrow to see the legend of the map.  The legend describes what the colors and shapes on the map represent.
  • Clicking on any Kentucky county will allow you to see projects and programs with CEDIK involvement in that county.  A pop-up box will highlight County Profiles and projects.  Use the arrow at the top of the pop-up box to view all the projects in counties with multiple projects.