Successful communities act to create the future they want rather than simply accept the future that comes. CEDIK programming brings residents and stakeholders together to identify what they want their community to have, do, and be. From youth programs, to business development, to rural community health, CEDIK’s mission is to catalyze positive change to build engaged communities and vibrant economies.

Business Retention and Expansion

This is a community-based program that engages communities to examine the local business situation, interpret the information collected, and purposefully plan to strengthen the ability of the community to understand local business needs and to positively respond. Learn more.

Chalk and Talk

The ‘Chalk and Talk’ program seeks to engage people in a creative and accessible way about their feelings, thoughts and views on their city’s downtown. In essence it is a way to informally gather and summarize the varying views and experiences of attendees of local festivals and events about the city while they are immersed in it. The intent is for this information to inspire dialogue and help inform the preliminary steps taken towards longer term design, planning and revitalization initiatives. Learn more.

Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNA) for Hospitals

CEDIK can work with your hospital or medical center to do a thorough assessment of community needs that meets the ACA requirement. We have provided three rounds of CHNAs for several Kentucky hospitals. Learn more.

First Impressions

This is an opportunity for your community learn about its strengths and shortcomings through the eyes of first-time visitors. First Impressions is a structured community assessment program that offers a fresh perspective on the appearance, services and infrastructure of your community. Learn more.

YELP - Youth Engagement Leadership Program

The goals of the YELP program are to: 1) inform youth about community issues and processes; 2) empower youth to use their voice to help make community decisions; and 3) provide essential skill development in a non-formal education environment. YELP is a highly adaptable program that can work with a variety of ages and allows the facilitator to assess community issues and find what the youth are most passionate about. Learn more.