CEDIK Assessment Survey Results - November 2011
CEDIK sent out a survey on Survey Monkey October 2011 to learn more about what Kentucky organizations need and want from a Statewide Resource like CEDIK.  Check out what we learned!

Empowering Leaders in Kentucky (ELK) Publications

This is a series of publications on leadership by Kristina Ricketts, Extension Specialist.

You can view the series here: http://www.ca.uky.edu/kccl/elk.php

Community Resource Publications

This is a series of publications by Extension faculty in the Department of Community and Leadership Development.

There are several topics covered by these publications:using community data, community planning, types of community economic development, community visioning, facilitation, building coalitions, mediation, and others.

Land Use Publications

This is a series of publications on various land use issues by Lori Garkovich, Extension Specialist. Currently there are four updated land use publications and more will be coming soon.

Other publications:


"What Every Kentucky Leader Needs to Know About Entrepreneurship" by Ron Hustedde, Melony Furby and Katie Ellis. Kentucky Entrepreneurial Coaches Institute. February 2009.

“Designing a Rural Leadership Program and Curriculum” by Ronald J. Hustedde and Angie Woodward. Cooperative Extension. July 1996.

"A Guideline for Public Issues Education in the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service" by Jerri Cockrel, Ronald J. Hustedde, Craig L. Infanger, and Sally Mineer. Cooperative Extension. June 1996.

"The Economics of Biofuels" by Alison Davis. Cooperative Extension. September 2009.

“Marketing Assistance Available for Tourism Businesses in Kentucky” by Rick Bates. Cooperative Extension. May 2004.

“Rural Economic Development 2008” by Alison Davis. Cooperative Extension. April 2008.

“Rural Economic Development 2009” by Alison Davis. Cooperative Extension. March 2009.

"Kentucky’s Urban/Rural Landscape: What is driving the differences in wealth across Kentucky? Kentucky Annual Economic Report 2009" by Alison F. Davis. UK Center for Business and Economic Research. 2009.

"Introduction to Internet Marketing" by Bobby Ammerman.  Department of Forestry.  Cooperative Extension.  2008.