University of Kentucky College of Agriculture


Program Evaluation

Contact: Rick Maurer (859-257-7582 or

Program evaluation is an in-service presentation that can be tailored from a one hour introduction to a one day workshop (and anything in between).  Topics can include reasons to do an evaluation, evaluation and logic models, methods of evaluation, and reporting evaluation results.  In addition, individual assistance can be provided to help design an evaluation or to review evaluation plans and instruments.

Costs and scheduling:   Varies. Free for Extension Personnel; up to $500 for non-Extension and non-University organizations.  Contact Rick Maurer (859-257-7582 or for more information.


How to do a Situational Analysis

Contact: Lori Garkovich (

What strategies can you use to assess some aspect of a community? A situational analysis is a systematic method for collecting, analyzing and delivering information on  past trends, the current situation and possible community futures. This is a 90 minute presentation on different approaches (secondary data analysis, SWOT analysis, key informant interviews, focus groups and network analysis) to conducting a community situational analysis. Available as a webinar.

Costs and scheduling:   Varies. To schedule this presentation, contact Lori Garkovich (


How to Design a Survey

Contact: Lori Garkovich (, Rick Maurer (859-257-7582 or

A survey is a familiar research tool for gathering the same information from a large group of people. But the information gathered is only as good as the design of the survey and the process for collecting the information. Moreover, while a survey sounds exciting, it is not always the best approach. This is a three hour workshop on the fundamentals of survey design and implementation.  Participants will actually design a short survey to address a need of their own and identify options for implementing the survey.

Costs and scheduling:   Varies. To schedule this workshop, contact Lori Garkovich ( or Rick Maurer (859-257-7582 or


Using a Survey to Evaluate a Program, Project, or Event

Contact:  Rick Maurer (859-257-7582 or, Ron Hustedde ( or 859-257-3186)

Are you designing a survey to assess your program or your clients/customers?  Looking for someone to give you feedback on it before you send it out?  With some advance notice, you can receive an expert's advice on the design and layout of your survey.

Costs and scheduling:   Varies, depending on the length of the survey. Contact Rick Maurer (859-257-7582 or or Ron Hustedde ( or 859-257-3186) for more information.


Economic Impact Analysis

Contact: Alison Davis (859-257-7260 or

Economic impact analysis examines the effect of a policy, program, project, activity or event on the economy of a given area. The area can range from a neighborhood to much larger regions. Economic impact is usually measured in terms of changes in economic growth (output or value added) and associated changes in jobs (employment) and income (wages).  There are two ways Dr. Davis can provide technical assistance in this area:

1)  A 90 minute seminar describing economic impact analysis, how to interpret the results and common misconceptions.

2)  An economic impact analysis report for a specific event, policy or program.  Please contact Dr. Davis prior to the event occurring. The process usually takes anywhere from 3 months to 9 months depending on the specific request.

Costs and scheduling:   Workshop is no cost. Report cost varies; ranges from $500 to $10,000. Contact Alison Davis for more information (859-257-7260 or