We are interested in growing the Kentucky Arts Extension Program. 

If you are too, here's how the process works:

Start by contacting Melissa Bond. As the Program Leader for Arts Extension, she is the key contact to initiating this process. Melissa's contact info: melissa.bond@uky.edu, (859) 218-4385

♦ Melissa will assist with conducting interviews and focus groups to determine if the community really desires an agent at the grassroots level, since extension work is driven by the desires and needs of local communities.

This involves engaging with extension agents, district director, board, community members, local partners (library, school systems, etc).

♦ Once the need/interest for an Arts Extension Agent is broadly established, county stakeholders will need to analyze their budget to determine financial feasibility of the position: a county must commit to fund the program for 5 years in order to give it time to grow and gain roots.

♦ The State Extension Director issues approval to begin the hiring process for the agent, provided the need exists and the funding is available for the position.

Once the go-ahead is given to establish the position,

♦ A local panel of county residents and stakeholders is assembled to create a unique job description based on the county’s needs (i.e. Do they prefer a background in music, theatre, visual, arts admin, etc).

♦ The position is advertised, applications are reviewed, and then interviews are conducted, all within University of Kentucky parameters for hiring extension personnel.

Agent follows same rules and parameters as all other extension agents, including chain-of-command (reporting to their District's Director) and following all university employment protocols.

Other important points to keep in mind:

♦ New agents will assemble an advisory council made of 15-40 local community members to ensure their artistic programming is constantly being driven by the county’s needs.

♦ New agents will receive in-depth training and support from campus and CEDIK to assist them as they develop their community program profile and goals.