Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture and CEDIK Extension Specialist Jayoung Koo has put together two publications to assist communities considering improving the walkability and connectivity of their community.

Walkability and Connectivity: Enhancing the pedestrian travel environment for healthier communities
This publication explains the concepts of walkability and connectivity as they relate to travel through a community.  Increasing walkability and connectivity can provide healthier user experiences and increased community wellness.

Planning for Enhancing Walkability and Connectivity
The goal for this document is to present and describe steps for assessing a built environment and guide community groups on how to enhance their community’s walkability that can be relevant for large to small communities. It illustrates how a community can initiate a walkability and connectivity project to address community needs and visions, not limited to improving the health and wellness of its residents. Trained volunteers can use the document to identify, assess, and develop actionable plans relevant for their community’s needs.