Re-imagining Carter County, Kentucky: After natural disasters and a downturn in the local economy, Carter County community members set to work to create a plan for an improved and sustainable future. UK Professor and Extension Specialist Lori Garkovich assisted the community in developing a strategic plan.

Successful communities act to create the future they want rather than simply accept the future that comes.  A community visioning process defines the future that a community want to move toward and gives direction to local planning processes.

The power of a strategic vision is that is vaults us over the perceived constraints of the current situation into a desired future.

This process of bringing residents together to identify what they want their community have, do, and be becomes equally valuable as the strategic vision itself.

CEDIK can facilitate strategic planning and visioning for your community or organization. CEDIK's fee for facilitating a planning or visioning process is contract specific.

Dan Kahl, Associate Director of CEDIK, recently authored this guide to assist communities, A Convener's Guide to Hosting a Public Forum.

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