Building Effective Collaborations

A two hour presentation with case study discussions on factors influencing the success of collaborative efforts among organizations. The presentation highlights differences in levels of working together and questions that should be answered before moving forward.

Costs and scheduling:   Varies. To schedule this presentation, contact Sarah Bowker (


How to Facilitate an Effective Community Meeting

This is a three hour workshop on principles of facilitation and strategies for dealing with challenging situations that may emerge in guided discussions.  Discussion and role plays reinforce the fundamental principles presented.

Costs and scheduling:   Varies. To schedule this workshop, contact Sarah Bowker (


Beginning Conflict Resolution

This is a three to five hour introductory workshop on the fundamental principles of conflict resolution. The presentation moves from an analysis of different types of conflict, to a comparison of position vs. interest-based bargaining, and the process of reframing conflicts to a joint problem solving statement. Case study discussions, examples and role plays are incorporated into the program.

Costs and scheduling:   Varies. To schedule this workshop, contact Sarah Bowker (


Advanced Conflict Management Strategies

This workshop can be scaled to a three hour workshop, up to a multi-day training designed to refine participants' understanding of the principles and strategies of negotiated agreements. Every lesson includes case studies, role plays or practice activities to enable participants to develop their skills in facilitating negotiated agreements.

Costs and scheduling:   Varies. Contact Sarah Bowker ( for more information.


Identifying Community Power Actors

This is a three hour workshop on the characteristics and distribution of community power and strategies for identifying local power actors. There is a focus on linking the identification of power actors with strategies for addressing difficult community issues as well as envisioning and implementing community change.

Costs and scheduling:   Varies. Contact Kristina Hains ( or 859-257-3767) for more information.