Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) Program

BRE is a community-based program that assists communities survey local businesses to determine the local business situation and makes recommendations to help keep existing businesses in the community.

In the BRE program, an Extension Specialist usually works with a local sponsor, such as a Chamber of Commerce, to visit local businesses to identify strengths and issues for doing business in the community or county. Steps of this BRE program include: identifying local sponsors; organizing a planning committee; getting “volunteer visitors” to conduct interview local businesses; and responding to issues and opportunities that result from the interviews. 

The Extension Specialist will assist in all of these steps, as well as helping to develop the interview guide, analyzing the results of the interviews, writing the final reports, helping to present the results, and assisting with the follow-up actions from recommendations that come from the results.

Costs and scheduling:   Varies. To start a BRE Program in your community, contact Karen Fawcett at (859) 218-6514.